In this thread, I learnt that alias are not called (or referenced, with $isalias for example) in order from which they are found, but instead, alias being in the same file as the call are used (regardless of the -l switch).

I was helping someone with $urlget and a completely valid code (a custom alias call) wasn't working for him, it turned out that the user had another alias of the same name inside the alias section.

The issue is that mIRC is using a different order for $urlget than it is for $isalias and how aliases are called.

To reproduce, put this in a remote file:

alias testurlget noop $urlget(,gb,&emote,cbem)
alias cbem echo -s remote
and put in an alias file/section:
cbem echo -s alias
and then type /testurlget, which should echo 'alias' instead of 'remote', calling the alias outside of $urlget in that testurlget alias should result in "remote".

I did not try to see if others special alias calls like in /filter -k etc were behaving correctly/consistently.

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