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From /echo in the help file:

The -tN switch prefixes the line with a timestamp if global time stamping is on or timestamping is on for that window. N is optional and is the UTC value to use for the timestamp.

In this case, you could specify $msgstamp as the N value. Does that do what you are expecting?

Hi Khaled,

I am not able to put the $timestamp in the custom echo that is sent to the channels, because the local time always appears to me and not the time of the messages coming from the server.
What I intend is that the end result is, that when I connect to a znc server in the echo show the time the messages were sent and not the local time, as I show this example I made for you see:
[20:30] ... Joined: #opers
[20:30] ... Topic: Opers Channel
[20:30] ... Set by: James on Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 19:35:43
[20:27] ... (*buffextras) TECO!TECO@PTirc/Global-IRCop/TECO joined
[20:27] ... (&ChanServ) [TECO] Hello everyone :-)
[20:27] ... (*buffextras) ChanServ!ChanServ@services.ptirc.org set mode: +o TECO
[20:27] ... (*buffextras) Server set mode: +sntrOPC
[20:30] ... (@TECO) hi
[20:30] ... (@TECO) I'm back
[20:31] ... (@TECO) :-)

I have this echo customization code in the channels, but I am not able to put the server-time in msgs.
alias cmode { return $left($remove($nick($2, $1).pnick,$1),1) }

on ^*:text:*:#:{
  echo -tm $chan ... 3( $+ $+($cmode($nick,#)) $+ 3) $1-

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