I have a question that I can not solve. I know since version 7.33 that mIRC supports server-time without the need for script, but I'm not able to put the server-time here:
alias cmode { return $left($remove($nick($2, $1).pnick,$1),1) }

on ^*:text:*:#:{
  echo -t $chan ... 3( $+ $+($cmode($nick,#)) $+ 3) $1-

I have this code to customize the messages that appear in the channel, but when I connect to my znc the messages that were recorded in znc appear with the time I connect and it is not correct, because if I remove the msgs the server-time appears with the correct time when mIRC connects to the znc server.

How can I do to put the correct server-time?

Thank you for your help wink

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