Thanks for testing this. This is indeed odd. The extra setting in the manifest file should have made Windows apply the correct scaling settings. I have just tested mIRC again with the "permonitorv2" but this time I logged out and logged in again and the MDI issue seems to have gone. So it looks like logging out/in is necessary to make this work correctly, even though it looks like it changes immediately. I will add the "permonitorv2" to the next beta.

Update: I am not convinced that "permonitorv2" will resolve your issue. I have tested various combinations of manifest file flags as well as DPI-related API calls and it is very difficult to get the right balance of expected UI scaling, window scaling, text scaling, and so on. We shall have to see if the "permonitorv2" option helps in the next beta. If it does not, it looks like we will need to revert to the v7.52 settings for the time being.

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