When aline adds very long lines of text into a @window, the text is there. It can can be highlighted into the clipboard, and $line(@window,N) finds it, but it does not display on screen once the line reaches a certain length.

I finally figured out that this effect depends on the font+fontsize. It didn't happen in Fixedsys-9, but when I switched to Verdana-9 the last line displayed is 3900. When I increase the size to Verdana-14 it only displays through the 2500 line. Switching to Consolas-14 enables display through the 3250 line. For fonts like Times-New-Roman where Bold has a greater horizontal width, enabling Bold reduces the number of lines that display.

If this alias is edited to make the @window be -l listbox, the same number of lines are visible, and the effect is still there, except the visible text blinks into existence above the invisible lines, once the lines are finished being added to the window.

alias test_long_lines {
  var %len 1500 , %win @longlines
  window -e2 %win | clear %win
  while (%len isnum 1-4100) {
    aline %win %len $regsubex($str(x,%len),/x/g,$rand($chr(32),Z))
    inc %len 50

It doesn't happen for wrapped text from /echo or /aline -p, and it didn't matter whether or not the $rand() range is changed so the line is broken by spaces or not, or is only A-Z.

This happened prior to the beta increasing the Max Line Length Limit.


In talking with Racoon about this issue, it seems related to total width of 32767.

//echo -a $width($str(i,3275),Consolas,-14)

There are 7 fonts who report their type is 'raster' instead of 'truetype', and none of them flip to being invisible when they become "too long." But $font(Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01 NoLiga).type is an exception to the truetype fonts, in that it doesn't go invisible when too long.

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