@Khaled, I have reproduced this issue without a 4K monitor. It is to do with the Windows Settings / System / Display / Scaling.

In Windows 10 1709 you get a dropdown with values of 100%, 125%, 150% and 175%, or you can use custom scaling with any value between 100% and 500%. I need to check, but I think you can also set some sort of scaling in old-style Control Panel, and I will need to test to see if this is the same as custom scaling or something different.

Using non-custom scaling and changing the value in the dropdown changes the display immediately, and the dialog scales ok. It is not necessarily absolutely pixel perfect, but it still looks pretty good.

Using custom scaling if forces you to sign-out and sign-in again before the changes take effect, and this is where the dialog scaling goes wrong even when you use custom scaling with the same values as the dropdowns. We also see the echo command results being different.

I have started to test this comprehensively and record the results - which as you can imagine is time consuming when you have to sign-out/in - and when I have tested it all with sign-out/in I want to retest some of it to see if rebooting between changes of scaling makes any difference.

As soon as I have done this I will report back with full results, but this is definitely an issue between Windows and mIRC. At this stage, I am guessing that Windows does not report scaling consistently between non-custom and custom-scaling and mIRC doesn't know how to handle this.

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