Is this your first time really working with @picwins?

The typical setup generally involves 2-3 types of windows used for different purposes:

Sprite-Image Buffer - Hidden from user(/window -h)
Fill the background of this window with a color NOT used within any of the sprites it will contain then draw (or load from file with /drawpic) the sprites. If you need to split up the sprites to use a different transparent color, create more Sprite-Image buffer windows

Once the sprites are created/loaded, you can use '/drawcopy -t' to copy from the sprite-image buffer to other windows.

Draw Buffer - Hidden from user(/window -h)
This window is used to perform draw commands out of view from the user to avoid 'flicker' or incomplete rendering being displayed to the user. Do all your drawing, copying, etc to these windows.

You can use multiple Draw buffers if you need to compile sub-sections of a 'frame'. Once subsections are compiled, use a 'main' Draw Buffer to compile the frame and then /drawcopy to the main UI

Main UI window - Visible to user
This window is the one shown to the user. You shouldn't be drawing directly to it short of /drawcopy'ing from the buffer to here or adding overlays that sit atop the 'frame' image.

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