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$file(C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRC.exe).shortdir and .longdir

already exists, but is $shortfn(C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRC.exe), respectively $longfn(C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRC.exe)

Close, but not quite; what I meant was the result of $nofile for .longdir (ie. "the full directory path where the file is in").
There doesn't seem to be an equivalent for .shortdir though ("the name of the directory where the file is in, without path"; C:\Users\BhaaL\test.txt -> "BhaaL"). Perhaps using mIRC as example wasn't too bright of an idea (since the folder name is mIRC and the exe name without extension is mIRC)

I don't mind either way (its own identifier vs. property on $file) though; just thought I'd bring them up to have a rather complete set of useful functions.