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You'll have to explain a bit more since I have zero idea about anything twitch. The best guess I have is there are multiple keywords worth different amounts?

The general idea is that I've been asked to write a script that gives people points(I have set up my own Point system containing a Betting script and Russian Roulette to gain points) for their Bits. But people like spamming.
This works perfectly fine. It gets triggered by Cheer1 and counts 6x Cheer1
cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1

This doesn't work. It gets triggered by Cheer100 and counts 4x Cheer100, but not the Cheer1
cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer1

So I think your guess is partly correct. I want to be able to count every keyword(Preferrably in 1 piece of code, as right now I have the code of the OP repeated for every emote I have) in the string. Right now, it stops as soon as it finds the first keyword it matches.

This is how I currently have my keywords set up. It has a different piece of code for every keyword.
on *:TEXT:*Test1*:#: {
  writeini -n Emotes.ini $+(#,-,$date) Test1 $calc($readini(Emotes.ini,$+(#,-,$date),Test1) + $count($1-, Test1))

on *:TEXT:*Test2*:#: {
  writeini -n Emotes.ini $+(#,-,$date) Test2 $calc($readini(Emotes.ini,$+(#,-,$date),Test2) + $count($1-, Test2))

on *:TEXT:*Test3*:#: {
  writeini -n Emotes.ini $+(#,-,$date) Test3 $calc($readini(Emotes.ini,$+(#,-,$date),Test3) + $count($1-, Test3))

If I type
Test2 Test2 Test3 Test3 Test3
it'll only count the Test2. If I swap it around to
Test3 Test3 Test2
it'll only count Test3