Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I'm trying to make a script for a Twitch chat. I've had some fun with recording a ton of emotes being used, although there's 1 flaw to the entire thing. It seems like once a keyword has been found anywhere in the line, it won't do anything else other than what I told it to. Once. That means if you used 3 Kappa's, it only records 1 to the file.

Now I'm working on a system that awards people points for the bits they donate, although a common theme in this chat is that they like to spam 10 single bits in 1 message. To assign the correct amount of points, I need the script to NOT stop after the first found occurrence, but at the end of the message.

Any tips?

This is how my current script works for the MingLee emote.
on *:TEXT:*MingLee*:#: {
  writeini -n Emotes.ini $+(#,-,$date) MingLee $calc($readini(Emotes.ini,$+(#,-,$date),MingLee) + 1)