So i just opened a fresh copy of mIRC, copy pasted this script in. You'll also need to turn the bot on, look at the readme at the top for the command.

It works fine, there is one slight modificaiton you'll need to do if you (the broadcaster) are the one issuing commands.

Change line 56, 115, 127 to:

if (($nick == your_name) || ($nick isop #)) 

You can also do this automatically, which is the preferred way of doing things, with the following code (again put change the lines of code listed above).

set -u10 %broadcaster $iif($2,$2,$mid(#,2-))
if (($nick == %broadcaster) || ($nick isop #))

And to Loki's point (i'm fairly new here as well), we don't like to write code for you, but we are more than happy to help when you get stuck. In this case, you really haven't debug'd any of your code or shown effort to figure it out.

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