I was not able to edit my original post. Sorry for the extra day of wait. Though this is all dependent on a JSON parser/get script. I have one that I got off of these forums though I don't recall which one. Though they mainly work the same.

(Wims helped a great deal from these forums and deserves a giant amount of credit I also don't want to leave out that a lot of the basics for this came from searching the forums along with youtube videos.)

Variables used for this script. - Newquote file is the location of my ini file that houses all of my quotes. Quoteid is the current count of how many quotes are in the quote file. This will increase as quotes are added. Though I have not scripted a removal portion at this time.
%newquotefile D:\Documents\Docs\Streaming\DataSet\quotes.ini
%quoteID 100

Remote.ini portions of my quote script. - There is notes in this portion that I have put as to-do items. Things that are not done yet. Though I believe this will help quite a bit on a few things.
;Begin the new quotes section
;Need to add permission levels to all of these commands.

;Format: !quoteread (numberofquote)
;Reads out the quote by number requested and then checks to see if it is existing.
;Currently works!
on *:text:!quoteread *:#: {
  if ((%floodquote) || ($($+(%,floodquote.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u30 %floodquoteOn
  set -u60 %floodquote. $+ $nick On
  if ($2 <= %quoteID) {
    var %user = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, $2, user)
    var %date = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, $2, date)
    var %quote = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, $2, quote)
    var %game = $readini(%newquotefile, n, $2, game)
    msg $chan Quote $chr(91) $+ $chr(35) $+ $2 $+ $chr(92) $+ %quoteID $+ $chr(93) added by %user on %date while playing %game - $chr(34) $+ %quote $+ $chr(34)
  else {
    msg $chan Quote does not exist $nick

;Format: !qlines
;Reads the %quoteID to get the current quote count
;Currently works!
on *:TEXT:!qlines:#: { 
  if ((%floodquote) || ($($+(%,floodquote.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u10 %floodquoteOn
  set -u30 %floodquote. $+ $nick On
  msg $chan Total number of quotes: %quoteID

;Format: !qlast
;Reads the last quote of the file and displays it.
;Currently works!
on *:TEXT:!qlast:#: { 
  if ((%floodquote) || ($($+(%,floodquote.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u10 %floodquoteOn
  set -u30 %floodquote. $+ $nick On
  var %user = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, %quoteID, user)
  var %date = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, %quoteID, date)
  var %quote = $readini(%newquoteFile, n, %quoteID, quote)
  var %game = $readini(%newquotefile, n, %quoteID, game)
  msg $chan Quote $chr(91) $+ $chr(35) $+ %quoteID $+ $chr(92) $+ %quoteID $+ $chr(93) added by %user on %date while playing %game $+ $chr(34) $+ %quote $+ $chr(34)

; Format: !addQuote (quote text)
;This will add the quote with the date/username/game
;Currently works!
on @*:text:!addQuote*:#: {
  var %user = $nick
  var %date = $chr(91) $+ $adate $+ $chr(93)
  var %quote = $2-
  ;This will be evaluated using json
  jsonopen -ud game https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/channels/dreadfullydespized
  var %game = $chr(91) $+ $json(game,game) $+ $chr(93)
  jsonclose game
  ;create a portion that checks to see if the quote already exists (not done yet)
  writeini -n %newquoteFile $calc(%quoteID + 1) user %user
  writeini -n %newquoteFile $calc(%quoteID + 1) date %date
  writeini -n %newquoteFile $calc(%quoteID + 1) quote %quote
  writeini -n %newquoteFile $calc(%quoteID + 1) game %game

  msg $chan /me Quote $calc(%quoteID + 1) is from %user while playing %game during %date saying %quote
  inc %quoteID

quotes.ini file should look something like this.
quote=Cheese Graters in the Morning

quote=Im like a worm in grass. Wiggle wiggle

quote=only way to get views is through a little leg