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the only decent suggestion which is to use a dll no longer exists.

While I don't disagree with your post in general, I actually do keep spaces.dll updated. You can always find the latest version at http://www.xise.nl/mirc/ .

Ah yea, sorry forgot to update my reply there, did eventually find it and it works great (thanks!) just originally everywhere was linking to the now defunct mirc.net

But yeah I understand that it may not be about difficulty now. Not sure how they would go about doing it but having a generic binvar accepting raw command to send serverside messages would be great. For built in commands ie, echo etc not sure how you would go about doing it. I dont mind the ^ prefix idea. Just feel like it really should have been addressed by now with a proper solution.

Perhaps some form of string literal using backticks for maximum backwards compatability. Or go the javascript route and force some sentence (eg js's "use strict") at the top of the script which then enables the use of string literals? That I can forsee being a lot of work though.

As an example:

use strict

alias echoMe {
  echo -a "Hello           This is a message"

Would then do what you expect.