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I have a better solution for you since I am sure you are going to use this for multiple people or possibly only yourself. This is a script that I developed. I will explain this as well.
So the "on*:connect" basically tells mIRC when you connect to a server, to join these channels on that server. Take note you can put as many as you want below. I suggest you put this in your remote file. The "/join" is telling mIRC to join those specified channels, in this case it is channel1, channel2 and channel3.

This script will automatically start when you start mIRC if for whatever reason it goes down. smile

  /join #channel1
  /join #channel2
  /join #channel3

Well as your script you gave me for the basic !join it says something in the bots channel but is there a way to make it say something in the channel that did !join to tell the streamer that the bot has joined?