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Sure I will give you a script that was developed by Majeye. Take note you must join the channel your bot is on in mIRC for this to work. To do this you type /join #usernameforyourbot in any mIRC window. Now with this in mind, let me explain to you what this does before you put it in mIRC. Basically on*text means if a text is inputted in this case it is "!join:#examplechannel" then join that channel to ".join $chr(35) $+ $nick" this is where it knows where to join. $nick means username, or nickname if you will.

So with all of this, if I go to your bot's channel and type "!join" this script says ok I need to join $nick in this case it would be powerade661 and then it forces your bot to join my channel. The "msg # whatever is typed here" is writing that message in your channel. The "#" indicates what the channel is, so it knows to post the message in your channel. You will also notice "/me" this is a command in Twitch that changes your text color to whatever color you chose for your bot to be. Hope this helps, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. smile


on *:text:!join:#BOTNAMEHERE: {
  msg # /me is joining $nick $+ 's chat. Don't forget to type /mod BOTNAMEHERE in your own channel to ensure all commands work properly, if you do not mod the bot, it will leave your channel.
  .join $chr(35) $+ $nick

But is there any way to make it so mIRC adds it to its favs list so if the bot goes down or i have to restart it, It would re join right away?