n0=on *:TEXT:Hello:#: {
n1=  if ((%floodcommands) || ($($+(%,floodcommands.,$nick),2))) { return }
n2=  set -u10 %floodhello On
n3=  set -u30 %floodhello. $+ $nick On
n4=  msg $chan Welcome $nick to the SCDudeDark Show! 
n6=on *:TEXT:Hi:#: {
n7=  if ((%floodcommands) || ($($+(%,floodcommands.,$nick),2))) { return }
n8=  set -u10 %floodhi On
n9=  set -u30 %floodhi. $+ $nick On
n10=  msg $chan Welcome $nick to the SCDudeDark Show! 
n12=on *:TEXT:Sup:#: {
n13=  if ((%floodcommands) || ($($+(%,floodcommands.,$nick),2))) { return }
n14=  set -u10 %floodsup On
n15=  set -u30 %floodsup. $+ $nick On
n16=  msg $chan Welcome $nick to the SCDudeDark Show! 
n19=alias -1 addPoints {
n20=  if ($1 !isnum) (echo 2 -st $1 is not a number. It needs to be a number. | halt )
n21=  var %topic $+($chan,.,$nick)
n22=  var %points $calc($readini(Points.ini,%topic,Points) + $1)
n23=  writeini -n Points.ini %topic Points %points
n24=  return %points
n26=alias -1 lookUpPoints {
n27=  var %topic $+($chan,.,$nick)
n28=  var %points $readini(Points.ini,%topic,Points)
n29=  return %points
n31=alias doaddpoints {
n32=  if ($3 !isnum) { echo 2 -st $3 is not a number. It needs to be a number. | halt }
n33=  var %topic $+($1,.,$2)
n34=  var %points $calc($readini(Points.ini,%topic,Points) + $3)
n35=  writeini -n Points.ini %topic Points %points
n36=  echo -a Added points for %topic
n38=alias dorempoints {
n39=  var %topic $+($1,.,$2)
n40=  remini -n Points.ini %topic Points
n41=  echo -a Removed points for %topic
n43=on *:text:!Scars cut*:#: {
n44=  if ($0 != 4) || ($4 !isnum) {
n45=    msg $chan Insufficient or incorrect parameters: use !Scars cut [user] [number]
n46=    Halt
n47=  }
n48=  if ($4 <= 0) {
n49=    msg $chan $nick you cannot give someone less than 1 Scar.
n50=    halt
n51=  }
n52=  if ($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) = $null) {
n53=    msg $chan $nick That person isn't registered to The SCDudeDark Show, please check your spelling or that you have the correct name and try again.
n54=    Halt
n55=  }
n56=  else {
n57=    if ($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$nick),Points) >= $4) {
n58=      writeini -n Points.ini $+(#,.,$3) Points $calc($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) + $4)
n59=      writeini -n Points.ini $+(#,.,$nick) Points $calc($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$nick),Points) - $4)
n60=      msg $chan $nick has given $4 of their Scars to $3, $3 now has $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) Scars and $nick now has $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$nick),Points).
n61=      halt
n62=    }
n63=    elseif ($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$nick),Points) < $4) {
n64=      msg $chan $nick you do not have that many Scars to give.
n65=      halt
n66=    }
n67=  }
n69=on *:text: !scars:#:{ msg # $nick the chicks really dig your $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$nick),Points) Scars!
n71=on $*:TEXT:/!Scars (add|remove)/Si:#:{
n72=  if ($nick = SCDudeDark) {
n73=    if ($0 < 3) { msg # Insufficient parameters: Use !Scars <add|remove> <user> [number] | return }
n74=    writeini -n Points.ini $+(#,.,$3) Points $calc($readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) $iif($2 == add,+,-) $iif($4 isnum,$4,1))
n75=    { msg $chan $3 now has $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$3),Points) total Scars. }
n76=  }
n77=  else { msg $chan /me Only SCDudeDark can give you more Scars! Punches $nick }
n79=ON !*:join:#:{
n80=  $+(.timerpoints.,#,.,$nick) 0 600 add.pts $+(#,.,$nick)
n81=  add.pts $+(#,.,$nick)
n82=  if ((%floodjoin) || ($($+(%,floodjoin.,$nick),2))) { return }
n83=  set -u10 %floodjoin On
n84=  set -u30 %floodjoin. $+ $nick On
n86=ON !*:part:#:$+(.timerpoints.,#,.,$nick) off 
n87=alias -l add.pts {
n88=  writeini -n Points.ini $1 Points $calc($readini(Points.ini,$1,Points) + 1)