Hi there!

I using NNscript for ~8years now with 1 Theme and NNscript still working fine with newest Version of Mirc except 1 thing.
The server-time event from my Bouncer/znc is not correct displayed, when i connect it shows me the actual time in the backlog instead of the time when the line was written, for example:

Thats the right time hes getting from znc:

[19:32] <+Jaglag> warum zeigts mir nich die richtigen timestamps an von znc 

and when i connecting via nnscript:

[13:05:48] [+Jaglag]: warum zeigts mir nich die richtigen timestamps an von znc

the nnscript dont recognize the server-time argument from znc i think
maybe someone have a clue how to fix this?

for everyone else who wanna try NNscript (for me one of the best scripts ever made)

here are the nnscript.exe for easy setup:

Virustotal link for the .exe^^:


mirror with files only:

Getting NNScript to work under mIRC 7.*:

Replacement of the dcx.dll in the scripts\dlls directory with a newer version as found here:

Add this to your popups: http://pastebin.com/Hi9DGgEE (you can leave off menu channel { and close }
for me that dont work with the popups but i put it into raws.nns and now its working fine.
This way you can right click @ channel window and enter every option.

I hope someone take a bit time to rework that thing to get it fully working again under latest mirc!

heres a screenshot how nnscript can look like:



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