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Posted By: Jaglag NoName Script Help - 03/03/15 12:28 PM
Hi there!

I using NNscript for ~8years now with 1 Theme and NNscript still working fine with newest Version of Mirc except 1 thing.
The server-time event from my Bouncer/znc is not correct displayed, when i connect it shows me the actual time in the backlog instead of the time when the line was written, for example:

Thats the right time hes getting from znc:

[19:32] <+Jaglag> warum zeigts mir nich die richtigen timestamps an von znc 

and when i connecting via nnscript:

[13:05:48] [+Jaglag]: warum zeigts mir nich die richtigen timestamps an von znc

the nnscript dont recognize the server-time argument from znc i think
maybe someone have a clue how to fix this?

for everyone else who wanna try NNscript (for me one of the best scripts ever made)

here are the nnscript.exe for easy setup:

Virustotal link for the .exe^^:


mirror with files only:

Getting NNScript to work under mIRC 7.*:

Replacement of the dcx.dll in the scripts\dlls directory with a newer version as found here:

Add this to your popups: http://pastebin.com/Hi9DGgEE (you can leave off menu channel { and close }
for me that dont work with the popups but i put it into raws.nns and now its working fine.
This way you can right click @ channel window and enter every option.

I hope someone take a bit time to rework that thing to get it fully working again under latest mirc!

heres a screenshot how nnscript can look like:


Posted By: Jaglag Re: NoName Script Help - 05/03/15 09:43 PM
Ok a user from irc send me a solution he edit thmcmp.tbl in theme/data directory here is the File

maybe you need to set a different theme and load again your primary one.

Ty smile
Posted By: saner Re: NoName Script Help - 20/04/21 04:08 AM
i need nnscript for mirc 7.64 waht must i make i understand the tutoriel not

speak any user german for help me please

when only englisch okay

Posted By: maroon Re: NoName Script Help - 20/04/21 09:11 PM
From what I understand, NNscript has not been updated for many years. I do not know of the tutorial you speak of.
Which features of NNscript are you looking for? Peace and Protection is still being supported, and may have some of the features you want.
Posted By: kap Re: NoName Script Help - 23/04/21 07:30 PM
I wrote a comparison of different mIRC scripts and their features. It's viewable here. It's a little outdated, but yeah PnP still works after 20 years!

The link to the NoNameScript downloader shows a page on forum.myrabbits.de with this picture:

[Linked Image from forum.myrabbits.de]

I wrote a RSS addon for PnP, in case that feature was what your looking for in NoNameScript: Repository for PnP addons
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