i got everything to work but the ticket roll. if i change the name that is allowed and try, it will say i'm not allowed only admins but if i change it back to my name it does nothing. Can someone please help

here is the raffle script

on *:text:!ticket:#:{
if ($hget($+(tickets.,#),$nick)) { msg # $nick You already have a ticket! | return }
var %topic = $+(#,.,$nick)
; Check if enough points
if ($readini(Points.ini,%topic,Points) >= 1000) {
; Deduct the points
var %a = $v1 - 1000
writeini Points.ini %topic Points %a
; Add the user to tickets.#channel hash table, creating the table if it doesn't exist
hinc -m $+(tickets.,#) $nick
msg # $nick You bought a ticket, you now have %a points.
else msg # $nick Sorry, you only have $v1 points.
on *:text:!ticket roll:#:{
if ($nick == BeavisXtreme) {
if ($hget($+(tickets.,#))) {
var %i = $r(1,$hget(,0).item
msg # The winner is $hget($+(tickets.,#),%i).item
; The next line frees the table (all data in it is gone)
(hfree $+(tickets.,#))
else msg # Sorry $nick there is no such table $+(tickets.,#)
else msg # $nick Only Mods can use that command.