Wow, that is clean!

I would say that I'm not exactly guessing as I know the text (which is always the same) will always be $4, $5 or $6. But I see what you mean.

My scripting skills are elementary at best, but at least what I have is actually working!

So with your suggestions I'm going try the following:

if ($regex($2-4,giggles|grins|laughs|laughter|roars)) && ($regex($4-6,XBOX360-(?:DAGGER|iMARS|SWAG|STRANGE)))
var %section = XBOX360
var %rl = $4-6
var %sourcename = SITE1
var %sourcedir = /incoming/x360/
var %curryname = SITE2
var %currydir = /incoming/xbox360/

Is there a way to use regex instead of var %rl = $4-6 ?