I did, because that's how I wanted them, but I found a different way to make what I want work with the script you gave me.

Even when I test the script that you had provided, it still gives me the same error. The echo still appears wether they are on my notify list or not, and the command for the edit box still says $true when I add them to the notify list.

EDIT: I figured it out. The coding that I changed was:
on 1:JOIN:#attg: {
  if ($nick !isnotify) {
    /notice ...
  else {
    echo This toon has already recieved this message. 

I had discluded the $nick for some reason, it was probably an accident so that wouldn't have worked, so it went to else, which was to echo. That wasn't the only thing. For some reason it didn't like "!isnotify", so I removed the "!" and it worked!

Thanks guys for your help!

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