Thanks, but it somehow doesn't update. The webpage doesnt contain any html, but it just doesnt. One interesting thing was, when I changed something in news.php file and got an error, and then tried to updatetopic, it changed the topic to that PHP error, but when everything was fine, it didnt update it.

Yes I am OP on the channel, and I think that I have provided everything correctly on this part
alias updatetopic {
  if ($me !isop $$1) { echo $color(info2) -at * Topic Update Error: You are not an op on $1 , halting topic update check. }
  else {
    var %s = $+(topicup.,$$1)
    if ($sock(%s)) { sockclose %s }
    ;- set the site name:
    hadd -m %s host
    ;- Set the page you want to GET, using the
    ;- preceding forward slash '/' as shown below.
    hadd -m %s get /mirc/news.php
    hadd -m %s read $false
    sockopen %s $hget(%s,host) 80

You can see the page - , it could not get any simpler, but still, something is wrong. What could it be?