I'm not sure about Ctrl-Alt-Esc. That's sometimes a direct link to the Task Manager. I haven't seen that on newer computers/operating systems, but if mIRC is going to support older systems, then that needs to be considered when making the decision.

I'm surprised there isn't a Break key somewhere on the keyboard. I've seen ones where it wasn't clearly labeled or needed the Fn key (for Laptops), but I haven't yet seen any where it wasn't there at all. Of course, I mostly only see US keyboard layouts here. If you were to check information on your keyboard, does it list an alternative Break key even if it's not displayed on the keyboard? I'd imagine there is still a key that handles that. Looking at that search link you provided, they did say that the keyboards themselves offered the alternative without requiring software to provide that support. Ctrl-Alt-Esc was mentioned as well as Ctrl-Fn-F12 or Ctrl-Fn-Delete depending on the keyboard. I think that if the keyboard still offers an alternative, then users probably need to use that rather than trying to implement something in the software. I'm not sure it's even possible to implement your own Break key in the software if the software is locked up from a loop. I'd think that any software solution would also be locked up. Maybe I'm wrong?

It's too bad that the original alternative to Ctrl-Break (Ctrl-C) isn't an option anymore. Now that it's used to copy text, it has lost its usefulness anywhere but command prompts and a few other locations where copying text isn't an option, or where you use another method to copy text.

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