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@Tomao: I can't test it right now, but I'm pretty sure what you have in your most recent post won't work. $input cannot be used in an event. You can put the $input on a timer to get around that issue, but you haven't done so. You put the timer on the echo line instead.

Also, you are echoing within 1 second of displaying the $input (even if it did work) and it's unlikely anyone will click touch that input box within that time period.

And, I'm just wondering... why are you using $iif() there? You true/false are exactly the same, so it doesn't do anything that I can see.

This should work fine if you want the value set as a variable (use whatever params you need). Though you cannot use echo (even on a timer) with this method because you don't know how long it will take before someone presses something.
.timer 1 1 var %input = $!input(Please click something)

Instead, you could use an alias...
.timer 1 1 $!iif($input(Please click something),clickedok,clickedcancel)
alias clickedok { echo -a clicked ok }
alias clickedcancel { echo -a clicked cancel }

@westor: Please explain why you think you need an $input box here. It is almost guaranteed that $input isn't what you should really be using regardless of any workarounds that can be used to make it work. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with $input ? As mentioned, you can easily include a real dialog, or a $tip or some other method of communication here instead of $input and it would be better.

man i have built an auto-update script and putted an $input identifier on the SOCKCLOSE event so when the download file completes then ask for updating or not that i wanna make and i thing the $input identifier.

also this code does not working

.timer 1 1 var %input = $!input(Please click something)

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