Hi. I'm having a problem with my xdcc downloads: the transfers start without any issues, but after around 30 seconds (15% of this particular file) the transfer is cut off and I get the message..

** Closing Connection: Unable to transfer data (Connection reset by peer)

I've tried this on another channel, as well as through the Firefox client Chatzilla on this channel and another channel, and the same problem occurred. I also tried forwarding ports 1024-5000 and exiting my virus scanner (Malware Bytes). What might be causing this problem? It seems like my mIRC settings are fine since the same problem occurred through Chatzilla, but the problem is definitely on my end since two unrelated bots/channels gave the same error. The strangest thing is that the downloads start just fine - they just never finish (also, when I try to resume them, the transfer rate drops to 0kb/s and nothing happens until I close it).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I'm completely stumped right now. I'm not set to passive DCC but maybe I made a mistake in the settings somewhere along the line...