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xdcc downloads not working

Posted By: mindKILLER

xdcc downloads not working - 26/12/10 05:28 AM

Hi. I'm having a problem with my xdcc downloads: the transfers start without any issues, but after around 30 seconds (15% of this particular file) the transfer is cut off and I get the message..

** Closing Connection: Unable to transfer data (Connection reset by peer)

I've tried this on another channel, as well as through the Firefox client Chatzilla on this channel and another channel, and the same problem occurred. I also tried forwarding ports 1024-5000 and exiting my virus scanner (Malware Bytes). What might be causing this problem? It seems like my mIRC settings are fine since the same problem occurred through Chatzilla, but the problem is definitely on my end since two unrelated bots/channels gave the same error. The strangest thing is that the downloads start just fine - they just never finish (also, when I try to resume them, the transfer rate drops to 0kb/s and nothing happens until I close it).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I'm completely stumped right now. I'm not set to passive DCC but maybe I made a mistake in the settings somewhere along the line...
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: xdcc downloads not working - 26/12/10 03:58 PM

Almost all of the time, if you are downloading something from someone, any problems are caused by the sender and not by you. That said, you might have intermittent internet problems that are minor enough to not be seen anywhere else, but still enough to cause a DCC download to fail. DCC sends are much more sensitive to poor internet connections than many other common transfer methods.

As far as resuming a download, not everyone has the ability to resume sends. If it goes right to 0 without doing anything, then the sender cannot resume a download. It is possible they could make a change that would fix that, but that would be something they would have to change. There won't be anything you can do about it other than to let the sender know.

Remember that DCC is far from the best method to download things. There are many better ways to download stuff. If you have trouble with DCC, just choose a better method.
Posted By: mindKILLER

Re: xdcc downloads not working - 26/12/10 04:57 PM

Thanks for the reply. Do you think the internet problems could be on the ISP's part or is that unlikely? My computer is connected through a router but I just tried it on another computer that's plugged in directly and the same problem occurred. Incidentally, I had forgotten to set my computer to a static IP, but I just did it and nothing changed. I'll set the other comp to a static IP eventually to test it but I'm not sure if it'll make a difference.

I suppose you're right about DCC not being ideal (I normally use bit torrent), but there are a few files that are easier to get through IRC and I like having the option open.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had also tried a couple other files and got the same problem so I doubt it's a damaged file or something of the sort.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: xdcc downloads not working - 27/12/10 12:41 AM

Static IP shouldn't make any difference when you're on the receiving end. If it's a connection problem on your end instead of the sender's end, then yes, there is a good chance it's related to your ISP. However, that may just mean that you have bad cables leading to your house and trying to get your ISP to fix something like that or even to diagnose it enough to know if that's the problem is not going to be easy or cheap.

You can try having other people send files to you to test it. If others can send to you without a problem, then it's most likely that sender who has the problem. If the problem happens no matter who sends to you, then it's likely on your end somewhere (including possibly your ISP).
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