This is what my bot gets.

* Disconnected
* Attempting to rejoin channel #testing
* Rejoined channel #testing

And this is what i get.

Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has quit IRC
Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has joined #testing

Also i notice that when i get the 'Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has quit IRC'
My bot still seems to be on the channel(in my bot's mirc) only after a while it comes as '* Disconnected...etc'

This happens quiet often,my bot disconnects a lot!!.
I also notice that this happens mostly when both my mirc's are running .and the more idle one(my bot) gets disconnected often
If i run just the bot on IRC it stays for as long as i want it to,the problem comes when i am also connected to irc frown

Please help .
P.s-Hope i havnt made it too confusing to understand smile