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keep disconecting from irc

Posted By: lassyakjedi

keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 01:27 AM

Hello ,
I got a funny little problem with my mirc ...
I need to run two mirc's at a time,one for my use and the other for my bot.
But the mirc which i use for the bot keeps disconnecting from irc every few minutes.If there is a solution around this i'd like to know.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 04:28 AM

If you'd copy & paste the actual disconnection message that your bot gets when it's disconnected, then we might be of assistance.
However, without that, the sheer number of possibilities is almost endless.
Posted By: lassyakjedi

Re: keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 01:28 PM

This is what my bot gets.

* Disconnected
* Attempting to rejoin channel #testing
* Rejoined channel #testing

And this is what i get.

Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has quit IRC
Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has joined #testing

Also i notice that when i get the 'Test-bot [Bot@123.321.123.321] has quit IRC'
My bot still seems to be on the channel(in my bot's mirc) only after a while it comes as '* Disconnected...etc'

This happens quiet often,my bot disconnects a lot!!.
I also notice that this happens mostly when both my mirc's are running .and the more idle one(my bot) gets disconnected often
If i run just the bot on IRC it stays for as long as i want it to,the problem comes when i am also connected to irc frown

Please help .
P.s-Hope i havnt made it too confusing to understand smile
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 04:33 PM

Does your bot do anything or just idle? By that, I don't mean just watching your channel, but doing something that sends information to the network (doing a /whois on someone when they join, sending messages to you or others, etc). If not, you might want to use a timer that will do a ping every minute or two and see if that solves your problem.

You might also want to try being on another network and see what happens. It may be something related to that network. Since you say it happens often, it shouldn't take long to know if it's happening there. You don't have to be in a "real" channel... just some test channel with no one else there.

Beyond that, it could be some setting in your network options and/or router/firewall causing it.
Posted By: lassyakjedi

Re: keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 05:52 PM

It does what a basic bot does..channel protection mostly(stops flood,spam..etc)

For now i set it to voice every user who enters the channel,..and see if that works.?

on *:JOIN:#testing: { mode $chan +v $nick }
Posted By: RusselB

Re: keep disconecting from irc - 12/08/10 10:56 PM

Another option you might consider is to have a greeting.
Something like
on *:join:#: describe # Welcomes $nick to #

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