nope not following you,i can confirm that the script i pasted
earlier is working as i am currently using it.

but when i use your script (along with all the changes u mentioned) i get a different result.
Have a look. ( http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae245/lassyakjedi/test-bot.jpg )
It showes me a blank space when PersonY types anything.
The script is loaded into PersonX.
PersonX in the front and PersonY at the back in the pic.
PersonY had typed test,test1..but all personX could see were a few blank spaces.(Instead of seeing it in reverse/backwards)
I want it to read somthing like this

<PersonY>: Test
<PersonX>: tseT
<PersonY>: Test1
<PersonX>: 1tseT

I thought due to the same white background im not able to see it..when i changed the background i got the same result

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