i found a certain script which i like a lot smile
menu channel {
  .on:/set %backwards on
  .off:/set %backwards off
on 1:INPUT:#test_bot: {
  if (%backwards == on ) {
    if ($1) {
      var %c $strip($1-),%a $len(%c)
      while %a >= 1 {
        var %b %b $+ $replace($mid(%c,%a,1),$chr(32),$str($chr(32),2))
        dec %a
    msg $active %b | halt

Basically it reverses everything you say...
Is there anyway i could get it to work for someone else?
For example:
If i'm 'person x' on a channel
and i want to reverse every thing 'person y' says in the same channel.


person y: Hello
person x: olleh

So the basic idea is my nick(person x) should reverse what ever 'person y' says on that channel(when the script is on that is) smile
Any way of modifying the script for this purpose?