Currently when you /echo without using the -t switch it will echo to the screen without a timestamp, BUT it will log it to the logfile WITH the current timetamp.

This produces ugly results when you want to insert your own custom timestamp, it makes lines like this in the logfile:
[2010/02/03-18:19:11] [2010/02/03-18:19:00] <YiYi> test message
and also displays them like that on the screen when reloading logs.

To work around the problem I now have to do an "/echo -g" to prevent it from logging to the logfile with the current timestamp and a "/write" to the channel logfile (I really don't like doing it like this but I have no choice) to finally make it log to the logfile but with a customized timestamp so that it doesn't look so ugly with 2 timestamps.

For example: I use a bouncer and when I re-attach to it, it plays back a buffer of what I missed while I was disconnected, like channel messages, notices, joins, parts, modes, etc..., making it look like I didn't disconnect at all, very nice stuff and integrates well with mIRC, but the way I currently have to use to accomplish this kindof sucks.

So basicly what I'm asking/suggesting is to make a new switch for the /echo command that prevents the current timestamp from being written to the logfile.
Or better yet, make it so that if the -t switch isn't specified it doesn't put a timestamp by itself in the logfile, exactly like when it echos without one on the screen.

Kind regards, BenderUnit