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If he uses multiple nicknames. Like "toyman", "toyM4n", etcetera..

How would I add those in that script?

Just add it several times with different nick? Or would that conflict?

I understood that code, and edited in the things, thanks for making it so obvious!

But unsure how to make it work for multiple nicks. smile

Thanks again though! I usually have a hard time making myself understood in English. But you got it! laugh

from /help if

'Combining comparisons

You can combine comparisons by using the && for AND and || for OR characters.'


try if ( ($nick == nick1) || ($nick == nick2) || ($nick3 == nick3 ) )

NOTE: if comparison starts with (( and last ends with )) to make it a group of comparisons to make..

Hope this helps, and I would suggest you start to use /help from
within mIRC.. everything you need to know is in there for future scripting.

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