Say I had a quake 2 related channel. (the game.) And had it sett to -t ..

But this one kid, avoids ban, and come in and always sett the same topic. Say he set: "toyman rules"
"toyman is the best"


Is there a script, that could detect that word, and automatically reset the topic to something I have premade?

Like if he sat any topic containing the word 'toyman', I would immediately reset it to something like; "Feel free to set any topic relevant to quake 2, it might spark an interesting chat!" ..

PS: Also it would be nice if it would set the channel +t for a random time, between 10 seconds and 1 minute.. But that is not needed. smile

I know I could just set it to +t .. But it is sad that one kid shall be able to ruin an open channel like this..

Alternatively, is there a script that; every time a "nickname" set any topic, ... makes me reset it, and ban the person?

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