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Can anyone help us, please?

Mirciulikkk, after weeks of chasing this issue with my ISP(who don't want to know) and testing loads of IRC programs, i've managed to login to a single IRC Undernet server using basic webchat on www.mibbit.com.

None of the servers on undernet/Efnet/quakenet etc would let me connect in Mirc/Icechat/xChat/hIRC etc. I use Undernet only for chat and only 1 single server has allowed me to connect properly, that one is Elsene.Be.Eu.undernet.org.

The other servers on mibbit were giving 'too many connections from your host' which could mean exactly what it says or just refusing connections on a lack of reverse DNS at my end.

What are they doing right that the rest of the IRC servers are not?

Undernet webchat still does not work, same issue as mIRC outlined in my previous post

On the topic of the Cisco 2425 router, my friend who lives around the corner from me using XP has the exact same issue as us so it is the router 'blocking' IRC.

I've tested it on XP and Windows 7, its the same problem so get onto your ISP about it!

Why would Cisco block IRC in the first place?