To begin with, a clap of good cause for still working on development for this really impressive IRC client. I've myself used it on a regular basis since late 1996, where the version was 4.x, if I recall correctly.

However. To my issue. As of yesterday, I had to do fresh format/reinstall of my computer. When I do this, I always tend to forget to backup important apps (eg. those who contain lots of personalized settings). This time though, I actually managed to remember it. So, I just stored the whole \mirc\ dir in a 7z archive for later unpacking.

Guess what, when I extracted the archive my settings where blanked. It didn't take me long to discover the issue. Obviously, nowadays mIRC has individual settings for users as default, which is a neat feature, except for me, at this very moment wink

So, I wonder. I there any way (a reg key or such) to, ehrm, well, like have mIRC to skip the use of User\Application Data\.mIRC\ and instead use - oldschool style - %mircdir%\mirc.ini for all users?

I know the %mircdir%\mirc.ini i already there, but I'm having some doubts on whether I can rely on it to store changed settings and such to this file, and not to User\Application Data\.mIRC\

So, what would be the easiest approach here?