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When mirc is inside a loop, it doesn't do anything else apart from the commands specified in the loop body. This "anything" includes checking for timer events, either generated through /timer or through /set -u. This is a fundamental aspect of how mirc works and not likely to change.

ah, I see. At least I know how that works then ;_)

Sidenote: what happens with example code you gave is usually referred to as freeze, not crash.[/quote]

You're absolutely right, I don't know why I mixed that up...

Also, the example should use /set -u: /var doesn't have a -u switch (because -u doesn't really make sense for local variables given the above).

Haha, good point. With all the mistakes in my previous post, it makes me wonder if I was even awake when I wrote it :_D


/server -m irc.p2p-network.net -j #zomgwtfbbq
(ssl on port 6697 and 7000)