(Not really directed at argv0, just a general reply)

Another option is to use a special DLL called spaces.dll, which will allow you to keep spaces intact. Example:

//var %a = $+(text,$str($chr(32),5),more text) | noop $dll(spaces.dll,echo, -a %a)

Will echo it to your active window with the five spaces between "text" and "more text" intact.

Edit: You can find a copy of spaces.dll on mirc.net
I'm not quite sure what argv0 was attempting to accomplish with $chr(22)/ctrl+r, but I'm thinking perhaps he meant the "bold" control code $chr(2)/ctrl+b. You'd still need an even number of them in order to not mess with any bolding done previously.

The reverse control code will make your space show up as a block with the coloring of whatever you have "Normal Text" set to (in the alt+k color dialog).

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