Generally when I wanted multiple spaces, I did use $chr(32), but I'd do it with $+($chr(32),$chr(32),$chr(32),$chr(3)) and make sure that I either add nothing after that, or make sure that what I want to add isn't a number. Though one could use 2 $chr(2) back to back for the same purpose. Either way, it ensures the spaces stay, so I can achieve the same result either way.

Argv0, I haven't encountered that $utfencode identifier, I have something else I get to look up, which is great, I'm learning a lot already just on this thread I made to find the .msg method. I hope to learn a great deal more, and I may be making more threads like this in the future.

Edit: Hmm, nothing shows in the help files for that identifier. What does that do exactly?

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