I am not using check boxes at all any more.

I was using check boxes, to enable the /splay event, I put them in a group and they worked. I have now decided to delete the dialog, and use a "list"

Ie: File... "Intro music", then when I Click on "intro music" It will enable it with a tick next to it, or disable it without a tick. I was only giving an example of my previous code for the groups/check boxes groups.

The question that I am asking is... How do you code a list item:

menu "File", 2
item "Intro Music", 5, 2
item "Sound Effects", 6, 2
item "Notify Sounds", 7, 2
item break, 12, 2
item "Coloured Nicks", 8, 2
item "Op Grabber", 9, 2
item break, 13, 2
item "Exit", 10, 2
menu "Help", 4
item "Credits", 11, 4

So when I click on the menu item, it will enable the following:

on *:start:{ splay vtec.wav | Halt }

Sorry my previous posts were not clear enough.