Ok, So far I have:
on text event {
  if its a valid order {
    if $nick orders coffee { ask white or black }
    elseif $nick orders white { pass white and increase %bill.of.$nick by ammount 0.82 }
    elseif $nick orders black { pass black and increase %bill.of.$nick by ammount 0.82 }
    elseif $nick orders peanuts {
      pass peanuts
      inform about the advantages of having a cold beer with the nuts
      increase %bill.of.$nick by ammount y
    elseif... { ... }
  elseif $nick orders the bill {
    if theres a %bill.of.$nick {
      inform $nick about the total of %bill.of.$nick 
      ask about payment method
    else { laugh at $nick }
  elseif $nick pays the bill {
    if he pays more {
      say thanks for the tip
      delete the %bill.of.$nick
    elseif he pays less {
      decrease the %bill.of.$nick respectively
      inform $nick about the remaining debt
    else {
      delete the bill.of.$nick
      bitch that there was no tip at all

Am I going wrong so far?

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