I am creating bar (activated by typing !bar)

When the user types !bar they are presented with a menu. I am wondering if it is possible to have a price for each item on the menu. Then when they type: !bill, they are presented with a final price.

<User> !bar
<Bot> Hello user , Welcome to the bar, on todays menu we have, !coke , !coffee , !chips
<User> !coffee
<Bot> That will be 1.99, do you want !white or !black?
<User> !White
* Bot hands User a white coffee
<Bot> Any !milk or !sugar?
<User> !chips
<Bot> That will be 0.86
* Bot Hands User a plate of chips
<User> !bill
<Bot> You bought: White Coffee with chips which cost a total of: 2.85.
<Bot> Do you wish to pay by !cash or !card?
<User> !ca...

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