I don't know if there is an IRC client out there that has internal support yet, and I didn't state otherwise over a year ago when I proposed this. I stated that it's practically a need now (perhaps exaggerating a bit).

As for servers, the ones that I can recall are ircu, ircd-ratbox (and ircd-hybrid), IRCnet ircd, UnrealIRCd and Bahamut (the last two only for akill, kline, gline, etc, last time I checked), which are some of the least important IRCd's out there...

And even if no server supported CIDR bans, it would still be a good idea to have a client that does so, since it's a nice way of leaving out troublesome users without having to ban the range of a whole ISP. This is the reason IRCd's started supporting this in the first place.

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