Having the button in that format, would mean that the button size is 0, as you said, not visible, but there'd also be no area for the sclick to register.
The location of the button matches the heading of a dialog box, which is visible and enabled at all times.
Ideally I would've liked to have been able to click on the heading of that box, which, in turn, would enable all of the ID's that are located in that box, however, I was unable to get the sclick event to register for the box, and the help documentation states
sclick single click in list/combo box, or check/uncheck of radio/check buttons, or click of a button.

Thus brought up the idea of having an enabled, but hidden, button located at the same physical location as the box heading.
Since the heading is located a little bit down and to the right of the top-left corner of the actual box, the x&y co-ordinates don't conflict.

Dialog layout code has been pasted here

Note that there are two icon images in the dialog, so if you go to test the layout, remember to remark or remove those lines.

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