I was not sure where to post this but here goes...

If you have mIRC running on your pc and have not registered yet you might have seen the "competition /question on the register screen recently? Well i thought about it for a second and sent an answer in here...


It is just a guess from reading around your site but the location of your photo could be:: Patisserie Valerie

Regards, Christopher Maxwell

And here is what i got in reply...

Hello Christopher,

Thanks for taking part - quite a few people emailed me with a variety
of answers. Some people came close but no one has guessed the correct
location so far.

Since it has turned out to be quite a difficult contest, I've decided
to give out a number of free registrations - your answer isn't quite
right - but it's a good guess :-) I'll send your registration in a
following email.


I cant thank you enough smile i have used mirc for a very very long time "more than i should" and i have always put off registering mostly due to bone idleness :p so thank you very much, i am now an official registered user and also very happy because of a little kindness.

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