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Khaled Generosity

Posted By: T1Cybernetic

Khaled Generosity - 29/04/08 02:57 PM

I was not sure where to post this but here goes...

If you have mIRC running on your pc and have not registered yet you might have seen the "competition /question on the register screen recently? Well i thought about it for a second and sent an answer in here...


It is just a guess from reading around your site but the location of your photo could be:: Patisserie Valerie

Regards, Christopher Maxwell

And here is what i got in reply...

Hello Christopher,

Thanks for taking part - quite a few people emailed me with a variety
of answers. Some people came close but no one has guessed the correct
location so far.

Since it has turned out to be quite a difficult contest, I've decided
to give out a number of free registrations - your answer isn't quite
right - but it's a good guess :-) I'll send your registration in a
following email.


I cant thank you enough smile i have used mirc for a very very long time "more than i should" and i have always put off registering mostly due to bone idleness :p so thank you very much, i am now an official registered user and also very happy because of a little kindness.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Khaled Generosity - 29/04/08 11:43 PM

It's always nice to see public postings of thanks for specific people for reasons.. Khaled probably gets hundreds of e-mails thanking him for one thing or another, but the general public usually hears nothing about them.

Khaled's generosity has not only helped people with free registrations, as you received, but has also helped people who have nothing to do with mIRC, and, in some cases, people that would be lucky to be able to get access to a shared computer (ie: those living in 3rd world countries)

You can see more details regarding this by reading through mIRC News and looking for the keywords "Charity Appeal"
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