I need a script which will ban this type of act and banned the nick only..
[16:15:11] * Joins: abcd (wateva@KaV-A14A7880.midco.net)
[16:15:11] * Parts: abcd (wateva@KaV-A14A7880.midco.net)
[11:10:15] * Joins: rk123 (full@KaV-779A6991.maine.res.rr.com)
[11:10:15] * Parts: rk123 (full@KaV-779A6991.maine.res.rr.com)
this type of bot just join and part after a while. so i want a script which will ban their nicks after they part

on 1:Join:#:{
if ($nick == $me) { return }
set -u3 %join.bot.nick $nick
on 1:part:#:{
if ($nick == $me) { return }
set -u3 %part.bot.nick $nick
if (%part.bot.nick == %join.bot.nick) { .mode # +b $nick }

i wrote the code not sure if it gonna work or not but i need a script which can able to ban those bots which will join the room and part right away. thanks