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sorry i dont spend 5 hours to try and perfect my message so ppl dont bitch about it

That's fine, since I don't know anyone who does that.

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perhaps you should worry about yourself

Let's assume for a minute, that by default, everyone worries about themself. This could mean that at any time, that we are thirsty, we would try to do something to not feel thirsty. So your request could also be redundant if my assumption were correct.

But suppose your argument was that he should only worry about himself. I would tell you that is useless: what's wrong with worrying about others?

By the way, suppose for example you said that as a defense mechanism. The fact that Collective might worry about you, wouldn't justify that you have to defend yourself by attacking. So there is nothing wrong with other people worrying about you (or in this particular case, worrying about your grammar). But why people may take offense to that could be beyond me.