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im roy new at this forum but old at mirc

Don't know what roy means, except it's also in your nick.

i used to download sets from kiss100+essentialmix

Don't know what that is.

In order for us to answer your question, that would require us to understand your question.

with the code /msg xdcc ____name list
and now it wrong... i would like that some 1 will help me out
tnx for all of u

Sounds like it's a problem on the other user's end. Not yours.

So nothing you can do about it.

Example: someone has a bot that triggers a !dictionary script.

Then 1 day, he changes it to trigger for !dict, not !dictionary.

You keep trying !dictionary, and see it doesn't work, and come to us for help asking why.

Nothing you can do about it.