Your argument could have at least made sense if mIRC scripting was in another language, like French, German, or Chinese, Japanese. But it isn't.

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I would just love to have a code checker in Mirc. Pretty much, what you do is you copy your code, and you put it in the checker.

This is actually pretty simple to do. Mirc scripting is already in English, so that makes it a super advantage.

Obviously, the symbols are a bit different. So if you had something like.

%translate = $1-
%translate = $replace(%translate,==,equals,!=,is not,||,or,&&,and)
echo -a %translate

Example: if ($nick equals Furon) or ($nick doesn't equal Furon2) {

In that case, implementing something like this is easy. Just that, adding in words like "the" is completely unnecessary. The purpose of language is to convey an idea, not to satisfy requirements.

And then make you want to make translations of various identifiers that are not common English words, like $mp5e or $qt(). Or lenghthen $calc and $logdir to "calculate" and "log directory". Same with aliases. /sockopen could be "open a socket."

Of course, who needs to translate $word into "the word identifier" or %word into "the word variable." All of these are possible to do, but they're really just making the text longer to read.

I mean, which is more plausible, three hundred and fourty-seven, or 347? So it's pretty fine the way it is.

And so and so forth.