Thanks starbucks and wims, hmm yeah i was kinda doing something wrong.

now i have a new problem, my new code is

  dialog -m chanset chanset
  dll dcx.dll xdock -t $dialog(chanset).hwnd +v

but the dialog is docked to the Titlebar lol, thats what the -t
bit in the ON start bit is for, hmmm, reading this website, gives me some info, but if i give it the
 dll dcx.dll xdock -n $dialog(chanset).hwnd +v

-n is used for docking next to the NickList (which is where i want it to be yeilds an error
D_ERROR /xdock (Invalid Flag)

ill just keep looking, unless somebody who has worked on dcx.dll
can help me and point me in the right direction


(See i told ya i was rusty on the old scripting)

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